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IDOLFEED is a social media platform that allows for the sharing and purchase of exclusive content.

You can send a user a private message by clicking on the ‘Message’ button on their profile if you are subscribed to them. You can also start a new conversation by visiting the Messages page and clicking the ‘+’ icon. From there, you're able to message everyone who subscribes to you at once.

Anyone over the age of 18 can register an account. To sell your own content as an ‘IDOL’, you have to present us with a valid form of identification.

Everyone on IDOLFEED has the opportunity to make their profile their own. You can easily edit your profile by going to the Profile tab within the Settings page where you can upload your own cover art, profile picture, personal greeting & more.

The only public information we show to non-subscribers is your display name, username, cover art, profile picture, bio and location (should you choose to enter one). Posts are only visible to subscribers and nobody can see who you have subscribed to.

We encourage our users to promote their IDOLFEED account on as many platforms as possible. You can easily share your profile to Twitter from the Dashboard.

Notifications for both the website and emails can be managed within the Notifications tab on the Settings page.

We offer the option of further protecting the images you upload by adding a watermark to them. You can do this by visiting the Privacy tab on the Settings page and entering the text that you want to appear. We suggest using your username or IDOLFEED Url.

Please contact support so that we can assist you.

You can delete your account at any time. Visit the Account tab on the Settings page and click the Delete Account button. Once an account has been deleted all content you have posted on IDOLFEED is also deleted and cannot be restored.